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  • Project Name: Antelope Pumpback Booster Station

    Location: Sacramento County, CA

    Project Description: The Antelope Pumpack Station is a conjunctive use project that during drought conditions can deliver up to 15,000 gpm of treated water from a groundwater system (Sacramento Suburban Water District) through a dedicated 10 mile transmission pipeline to a covered reservoir (Hinkle Reservoir) in the San Juan Water District system which is mostly dependent on surface water. The transmission main can also deliver treated surface water by gravity from the San Juan system at the reservoir to the Sacramento Suburban Water District in higher surface water years to relieve demands to the groundwater system.

  • Project Name: Granite Bay Booster Station

    Location: Placer County, CA

    Project Description: The Granite Bay Booster Station delivers 2500 gpm of treated water to mostly residential users in a significant portion of southern Granite Bay. The pump station was a retrofit of an aging undersized yet critical station, where the new piping, pumps and electrical facilities needed to be installed while the old system remained in service. This required several challenges for the design team to make this cross-over construction work within a very tight project footprint.

  • Project Name: Blue Lake Springs Booster Pump Station

    Location: Calaveras County, CA

    Project Description: D&As a complete replacement of a majority of the Blue Lakes Springs water distribution system, the new booster station takes water from a lower zone tank through a dedicated pipeline and boosts flow to an upper level tank to help keep the tank full while supplementing peak flows for this mountain community.

  • Project Name: Well 15 and Well 16 Pump Stations

    Location: Rio Linda, CA

    Project Description: These two well projects included downhole design, site permitting and pump station facilities design for the town of Rio Linda. Design capacities were 2500gpm for both wells. D&A also designed a 1500gpm package booster station to support the Rio Linda distribution system shown below.

  • Project Name: Copper Cove Lower Cross Country Sewage Lift Station #21

    Location: Copper Cove, CA

    Project Description: D&A Designed a high head two step sewer lift station for Calaveras County Water District. The station consists of a new 400gpm sewage lift station including an 8-ft diameter wetwell, submersible and dry sewage pumps in series, manholes, gravity and forcemain pipelines, masonry pump house and control building, surge tank system, two 30,000 gallon overflow storage tanks, odor control system, backup generator and motor control center.

  • Project Name: Diamond Valley Ranch Reclaimed Water Discharge Project

    Location: Alpine County, CA

    Project Description: To dispose of treated wastewater from the Tahoe basin, the South Lake Tahoe Public Utility District (STPUD) historically sent treated wastewater over Luther Pass to be stored in an open reservoir and delivered to irrigation users in the downstream Carson Valley. This was achieved through an existing pipe and ditch system. With irrigation contracts diminishing, STPUD decided to make use of their Diamond Valley Ranch located next to the storage reservoir to dispose of a large portion the reclaimed water, by running their own farming operation. D&A designed the irrigation system which includes several large center pivot irrigation units, a pumping station, fertigation station and approximately 3 miles of mostly 18-inch mainline to tie into the new system. The pump station also included an intricate valved control system to allow of use of the reclaimed water, raw water from the Carson River, or both combined to effectively grow the crops. The photos below show the raw water pump station and fertigation facilities located at the ranch house.