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  • Project Name: Water Treatment Plant In-conduit Hydroelectric Station

    Location: San Bernardino County, CA

    Project Description: Domenichelli & Associates recently completed a 310-kW in-conduit hydroelectric station design for San Gabriel Valley Water Company. The design for the hydroelectric station contained two pump-turbine type generators and building structure, built adjacent to the existing Energy Dissipation Structure. Project on-line November 2013.

  • Project Name: Reservoir 7 In-conduit hydro design project

    Location: El Dorado County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided design services for two small hydro projects (approximately 500KW each) located within an existing drinking water system in El Dorado County. These projects were identified during a study performed by a project team including D&A as the lead for evaluating project components, costs, and constructability. The design includes pumps as turbine (PATs) to replace existing in-line pressure reducing stations. Res 7 is at 80% design and recently has been granted a FERC Exemption and Res 3 is at 30% design. Both projects will require additional funding before moving to construction.

  • Project Name: In-Conduit Pumps as Turbine (PATs) Hydroelectric Projects

    Location: Southern California

    Project Description: The D&A design team used innovative concepts in applications of system components to optimize power generation for these four in-conduit hydroelectric projects using converted centrifugal pumps as turbine. These high efficiency stations together generate approximately 2 megawatts of power and are able to generate during highly variable flow and head conditions without the need for complex control features. Most of the power generated by these stations are used on-site at water treatment plant facilities.

  • Project Name: In-Conduit Pumps as Turbine (PATs) Hydroelectric Projects

    Location: Northern California

    Project Description: The two in-conduit hydroelectric stations below are recently completed stations for local water agencies in northern California near D&A headquarters. Special conditions for intertie with the Pacific Gas and Electric grid were involved with these projects that provide little on-site use of the generated power. D&A is currently under contract for completing of three other hydroelectric power stations using pumps as turbines or conventional turbine generator systems.

  • Other Hydroelectric Projects:

    Sandtrap Siphon Feasibility Analysis: Georgetown, CA

    Bear Valley Feasibility Analysis: Bear Valley, CA

    Pleasant Oak Main Res B Feasibility Analysis: El Dorado County, CA

    Bass Lake Pumped Storage Feasibility Analysis: El Dorado Hills, CA

    Hydroelectric projects experience of Joe Domenichelli prior to founding D&A:

    Shirttail Creek Feasibility Analysis: 350 kW, Placer County, CA

    Schaads Reservoir Preliminary Design and Emergency Action Plan: 200 kW, Calaveras County, CA

    Woodbridge Dam Preliminary Design and Feasibility Analysis: 500 kW, Woodbridge, CA

    Virginia Ranch Dam Startup and Operations: 1,000 kW, Yuba County, CA

    Calaveras PUD Pipeline Construction Services: 280 kW, Calaveras County, CA