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  • Project Name: Tuolumne River Restoration Projects

    Location: Tuolumne River California

    Project Description: The project includes the design of seven miles of the Tuolumne River approximately 20 miles east of Modesto. The design includes creating a new meandering channel and overbank benches to maintain a 500-foot vegetated riparian corridor. The project was divided into five separate reaches. The project required approximately 167,000 cubic yards of material to be imported into the large mining pit to create a new meander. This first reach has been widely recognized as one of the first restoration projects of such magnitude in the state. Land Development Desktop (LDD) was utilized on all projects to create a 3-dimensional model of the reaches. These models were used to generate accurate contour information of the proposed project quantity and construction cost estimates.

    As part of the post construction monitoring program for restoration efforts on the Tuolumne River, the local District wanted to estimate the reduction in predatory species habitat along the post project reach of the Tuolumne River. D&A utilized the River 2D Hydrodynamic Model to evaluate the limits of small and large mouth bass habitat along the project reach. Habitat preference files for depth and velocity and index files for cover and substrate were created to delineate areas where bass habitat still exists. The results of this model will be used for future designs along the Tuolumne River.

  • Project Name: Cosumnes River Restoration Projects

    Location: Sacramento County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided design for the reconstruction of channel banks to mitigate for erosion, provide source material for spawning gravels, and reshaping of the low flow channel. Also included for this project was a channel survey to identify fish passage barriers and provide designs for rock fish ladders through these critical reaches.

  • Project: Trinity River

    Location: Trinity County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided final design plans for bank erosion protection, pool and riffle design, and spawning gravel introduction for several reaches along the Trinity River. Services also included modeling for floodplain impact assessments and assistance with site topographic surveying.

  • Project Name: Gasburg Creek

    Location: Tuolumne County, CA

    Project Description: Due to significant mining activities the Gasburg Creek channel alignment was significantly altered and bank erosion was excessive. This reach of Gasburg Creek near the confluence of the Tuolumne River required massive earthwork to reconstruct a natural stream bed with meanders, overbanks, and native vegetation. D&A provided hydraulic modeling and design plans for the restoration of Gasburg Creek.

  • Project Name: Dry Creek Restoration

    Location: Sacramento County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided design for channel restoration and dam removal to improve fish passage and habitat along Dry Creek. Project design also included an infiltration gallery and pump station diversion for local water supply. Restoration components included rock fish ladder, vegetated rock slope protection, and new foot-bridge and bike trail improvements.