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  • Project Name: Sibley/Bidwell Street Drainage Project

    Location: Folsom, CA

    Project Description: D&A prepared design plans and specifications for approximately 5,000 feet of drainage pipelines, drainage culverts and a major outfall channel within the Historical Redevelopment District in the City of Folsom. The outfall channel design includes a bike trail which meanders through and across the channel. Special consideration was given to the area residents desire to maintain the rural feel of the neighborhood while correcting existing flooding problem areas.

  • Project Name: Bridge Hydraulic Analysis and Scour Mitigation Projects

    Location: San Joaquin County, CA

    Project Description: Performed hydrologic and hydraulic and scour analyses for eight bridge replacement projects in San Joaquin County and currently under contract for seven more. Analyses include changes in water surface elevations and velocities using HEC-RAS, tidal hydraulic effects and scour depth calculations. Design for scour countermeasures were provided.

  • Project: Flood Control for a Large Scale Development

    Location: Stockton, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided detailed watershed hydrology for a 430 square mile watershed including two reservoirs and five tributary streams. Stream hydraulics and floodplain mapping were provided for approximately 6000 feet of channel through an approximately 1500 acre development. D&A provided levee, pump station, regional detention basin design along with coordination, and negotiations with Army Corp of Engineers, San Joaquin County, Central Valley Flood Control Board, and City of Stockton regarding flood control improvements. This project also included three highway bridge crossings and two railroad bridge crossings. Three regional detention basins equaling 1600 acre-feet of storage were included in the project design.

  • Project Name: Powell Slough Levee and Flood Control Study

    Location: Colusa County, CA

    Project Description: Utilized HEC-RAS to develop a working model of the floodplain west of the city of Colusa. Provided 50% design for new levees to protect portions of the city. Also performed an unsteady state flow model to determine effects of a potential levee failure on the adjacent Sacramento River levee.

  • Project Name: Yountville Masterplan and Floodwall

    Location: Yountville, CA

    Project Description: Provided final design of interior drainage facilities and construction management for approximately one mile of floodwall for the community of Yountville. The wall height ranges from two feet to nine feet. A new pump station and detention basin was part of the interior drainage system. Additionally, D&A provided HEC-RAS modeling of the Napa River and two main tributaries through the town of Yountville. Follow-up services included a CLOMR and LOMR to remap the floodplain limits for the town and preliminary design for channel improvements, detention facilities, and new drainage pipelines within the town limits.

  • Project Name: Fairchild Village Drainage System Improvement Project

    Location: El Dorado Hills, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided hydrology and hydraulic analysis for outfall facilities through a large housing development in the community of El Dorado Hills. Following significant flooding events, after identification of deficient facilities, D&A provided channel inlet structure and pipeline facility designs remedy the flooding problems.

  • Project Name: San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency (SJAFCA)

    Location: San Joaquin County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided technical support for reimbursement of assessment funds for a large flood control project in San Joaquin County. The project included levee improvements for more than 50 miles of channel reach within the Stockton area. D&A also provided review of all hydrologic and hydraulic models used in the original study for this project.