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  • Project Name: Copper Cove Lower Cross Country Sewage Lift Station #21

    Location: Copper Cove, CA

    Project Description: D&A Designed a high head two step sewer lift station for Calaveras County Water District. The station consists of a new 400gpm sewage lift station including an 8-ft diameter wetwell, submersible and dry sewage pumps in series, manholes, gravity and forcemain pipelines, masonry pump house and control building, surge tank system, two 30,000 gallon overflow storage tanks, odor control system, backup generator and motor control center.

  • Project Name: Wholesale Transmission Pipeline Metering System Improvemnets

    Location: Sacramento County, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided design and construction management for San Juan Water District’s Wholesale Metering Improvements Project. The project in total replaced 33 meters and added approximately 1000 lineal feet pipelines ranging in size from 8-inch to 72-in ch. The project also included SWPPP preparation and multiple encroachment permit applications. D&A provided complete construction management services for the project including full time inspection.

  • Project Name: Bear Creek Raw Water Pipeline and Regulating Reservoir

    Location: Bummerville, CA

    Project Description: D&A provided Calaveras County Water District design plans and specifications for replacement of 2 miles of 16-inch HDPE raw water pipeline and a new reservoir inlet running from Bear Creek to the District’s Regulating Reservoir. D&A also provided complete construction management for this project representing the District in all components of construction management services including full time inspection services. The HDPE pipeline replaced an existing concrete pipe that followed an old ditch alignment. The project also included abandonment of the existing inlet pipe to the reservoir by grouting the pipe.

  • Project Name: District Main Replacement Program

    Location: Sacramento County, CA

    Project Description: Domenichelli & Associates completed design and construction management for over 100,000 feet of 8 to 16-inch ductile iron pipelines from 2008-present for the Sacramento Suburban Water District. The District is relocating mainlines from the backyards into streets in an effort to make access easier, as well as replace aging and leaking systems. D&A has been selected for a 3-year on-call services contract with the District to provide design of all main replacement projects.

  • Project Name: Rio Linda Well Replacement Project, Well 15

    Location: Rio Linda, CA

    Project Description: D&A designed three domestic water production wells for Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District. The new 1500-2500 gpm stations replaced existing well sites that no longer met regulatory standards. Well 15 connects directly to the water system and operates by use of an in-line hydro-pneumatic tank. The new station includes a single vertical turbine pump, chlorine treatment, emergency backup generator, SCADA and provisions for treatment and water storage. D&A also provided construction management.

  • Project Name: Jenny Lind Elevated Steel Water Tank

    Location: Valley Springs, CA

    Project Description: Domenichelli & Associates' provided design and engineering services for the replacement of Calaveras County's previously damaged water tank. D&A prepared the bid package for the purchase of the new proposed elevated tank and created plans and specifications for the single pedestal, steel water tank and associated structures. The design including associated pipping and valves, SCADA and electrical controls. Completed in 2007.